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Created 22-Mar-17
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It was such a treat to see the lion “cubs” awake and active! When I spotted a few of the girls I thought it was their mom, Oshana, and her sister Mina, but then I saw Ernest with his impressive mane still filling out, and I knew it was the kids. I guess they’re teenagers now, in lion years - the four of them, born June 22nd, 2014, are independent from their mom and dad and are two and a half years old: Ernest, Evelyn, Marion, and Miss Ellen. And what awesome lions they have become! They seem to enjoy being together, and preparing for adulthood. Ernest was practicing his masculine moves, which turned into a dramatic conversation between he and his sister. But all was peaceful within a few minutes, with everyone hugging and happy again. It amazes me that these big, gorgeous lions are the same little cubs that were running around on their short little legs and sneaking up on mom and dad not so long ago!
Ernest, Such a Handsome BoySister and Brother Having WordsLovely Young LionessSweet SiblingsSister LionSister and Brother So Grown UpErnest the Maturing Young LionCuddles

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