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Created 1-Jul-15
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It’s no surprise that kittens are high on the list of many people’s favorite things. They have those innocent faces, bright elfin eyes, and fur as soft as, well…kittens! And they are the very definition of playfulness - able to entertain smiling onlookers for hours with their hijinks! That describes the two African serval kittens at the San Diego Zoo perfectly, but with the addition of another endearing quality - the most adorable extra long ears! Servals actually have the largest ears, proportionally, of all the cats. Their ultrasonic hearing ability allows them to hear the high-pitched communication of rodents, and aids them in catching their most frequent prey. These two, a boy and a girl, are almost 6 weeks old. This is Onshe’s second litter and she’s a wonderful, confident mom. Watching her and her kids always puts a smile on my face…definitely on my list of favorite things!
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