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Created 28-Aug-15
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Jaguars have been known to hunt a wide range of prey, and though I’ve never seen a Trashcan Lid on that list, Nindiri was determined to take possession of the one she found in her pool. It was quite a sight to watch the drama unfold. She attempted to capture it from many angles, and even got an assist from her brave son, Valerio. I don’t want to spoil the fun by giving away the outcome, so I’ll let the pictures tell the story. But, I have to say…that Lid did not know who he was messing with!
Must Get The Lid!Valerio Looks on as His Mom Plans the AttackCareful PlacementWorking At ItGot It!But It Slipped Away & Valerio Wants to HelpValerio Makes Contact with His PawNindiri Gets a Hold On ItLet Me Help, Mom!Almost ThereOops, The Lid Escaped!It's Not Over Yet, SonNindiri is DeterminedShe Snatches It From the Water!Once Again, She Captures The Lid!Nindiri is VICTORIOUS!!!

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