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Created 18-Aug-19
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How I love this girl! She posed for this photo not too long ago, but before we had concerns about her knee. Please keep my Abigail in your thoughts and prayers - tomorrow she’ll be getting ACL surgery (Cranial Cruciate Ligament, TPLO procedure). It’s not uncommon for dogs to tear their ACL, so I’m confident her surgeon will do a great job stabilizing her knee, but it will require months of recovery and rehabilitation. Abigail is not one to choose the couch potato life, so I expect it might be a challenge to keep her from trying to do to much too soon. She’s the center of our world, and Nick and I will do whatever we can to help her heal and become strong again. She loves to run, play, and do all her amazing tricks, and we want her to be able to live her best life. My heart is aching to see her limping and so limited, and it’s going to be a bit of a long road to get her back to health, but knowing we have caring friends and family out there will make it an easier journey. Abigail the Golden Retriever
My Precious Abigail

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