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Created 10-Mar-16
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Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching Scout and Montana go back into their exhibit for the first time after the remodeling of their pool was completed. I think they approved, since they were full of playful enthusiasm! They both enjoyed some swimming, and then Montana pulled down the hanging palm leaves, giving them a thorough beating, splashing and whipping them around from side to side. Both of the brothers were very animated, and it was pretty funny to see them chasing each other around while they were soaking wet (I don’t think I’ve ever seen bears move so fast), with wrestling matches in between, both in and out of the water. Since the pool is now more shallow, it’s easier to see them, so it’s a win-win for both the bears and for us photographers! Thanks to the keepers and staff for the constant improvements for all the animals! And a big thanks to Hali and Jacob for helping me to recognize which bear is which!
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