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Created 4-Aug-21
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Just a few weeks ago, Naphisa had me giggling non-stop as she let her silliness shine. It started with a game of hide and sneak, followed by a perfect pounce on her boyfriend, Ramil. He had other plans and continued heading to his favorite rock cave for a nap. Naphisa, unhindered, rubbed her head on the nearest object before enjoying a nice roll on the ground. She then gracefully leapt up to the rock beside Ramil, and proceeded to move from one adorable pose to another, looking over to be sure we were catching all the cuteness. Such a playful and clever girl! Just when I thought I loved her as much as I could, she finds a way to make me love her more! Naphisa the female Snow Leopard born May 16, 2018
Naphisa - Snow Much Cuteness

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