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Created 11-Nov-16
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There was lots of dust flying in the rhino exhibit when Jeezan and Jiyu had a burst of energy and started running in circles all around the center rock structure. They reminded me of my dog, Abigail, when she suddenly takes off, flying around the yard at full speed. We call it her 'crazy dog run’, and a friend calls it the ‘zoomies’ when her dog does the same thing. Whatever you call it, they seemed to be having an exceptionally good time! It’s kind of amazing how well rhinos move for being such big animals. A full grown greater one-horned rhinoceros weighs between 4-6,000 pounds. Despite their size and weight, they can turn fast and run up to 35 miles per hour. Like horses, they walk and run on their toes. It just goes to show you, there’s always something new to see at the San Diego Zoo!
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