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Created 1-Sep-17
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Here’s the second half of my photos from the amazing orchid collection at the San Diego Zoo. And to think these are only a few of the beautiful flowers in bloom at the time I was there. I imagine the experience is ever changing, but always fascinating, as new flowers are emerging all the time. One of the flowers here had just opened that day! In case you didn’t see my first set, they’re on Flickr at:
And for more information about dates and times for visiting, check out the Zoo’s webpage:
Paphiopedilium glaucophylumDendrobium laevifoliumPaphiopedilum tigrinumLaelia longpipesEmbreea rodigasianaPaphiopedilum superbiens var. curtisiiDendrobium victoria reginaePaphiopedilium callosumVanda hybridPaphiopedilium supardiiBrassavola nodosaPaphiopedilum tonsum

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