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Created 25-Apr-15
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It’s said that there is no love stronger than a mother’s love, and Nindiri is a perfect example! She is in her element as a mother and seems to be having the time of her life! How fortunate we are to watch her teach her little boy to be strong and fearless, to bravely face every challenge, and to be a jaguar - all through the most entertaining & playful interactions I think I’ve ever seen! Oh yeah, I think she’s doing a great job of just teaching him to have fun, too!
There’s no doubt she’s proud of her boy, and enjoying every moment with him. She could take him to either of the two bedrooms in the back if she wanted to, but she chooses to bring him out for all to see, so we can take in his incredible cuteness and be filled with laughter at the sight of their playful antics.
Nindiri is definitely experiencing the joys of motherhood…and so are we!
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