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Created 31-Aug-17
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Each time I see Satka, the Amur leopard, I’m taken by her beauty. But when she puts on the charm, being flirtatious to attract the attention of Oskar, she’s simply adorable! The two of them recently had some time together to continue getting acquainted. The day before the doors were open between their exhibits, I saw more of Oskar’s personality than ever before. I rarely even get a glimpse of the handsome boy, since his favorite napping spot is covered by greenery. But he was taking notice of Satka’s cute rolling, rubbing, and vocalizing, and the normally composed Oskar showed some playful and frisky behaviors of his own. So far there hasn’t been any breeding witnessed, but relationships take time, and this is another step toward the hope of future cubs. It’s always a joy to behold these two rare and gorgeous cats!
That Longing LookFlirty GirlNoble GentlemanYou Have My AttentionPosed and PrettySweet and DemureOskar Shows His Playful SideSatka Melting HeartsSatka at NightfallHe Can't Take His Eyes Off the GirlCuteness and CharmFeminine Feline Face

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