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Created 18-Jul-18
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There are so many wonderful animals at the SD Zoo, but some have become very dear, and Anna was one of those special friends. She recently passed away on July 5th, at 15 years old, and will be deeply missed. I fell in love with Anna when I saw her for the first time, over 10 years ago, and grew to appreciate her sweetness and beauty even more during my many visits with her throughout the years. There were times I would look into her eyes and she would look into mine, and I felt her calmness touch me from inside her fluffy coat. She had two male companions: Everett, from 2006-2011, now residing at Santa Barbara Zoo, and then Beau who passed away in 2014. I enjoyed seeing both the playful and affectionate sides of her personality come out with both of these boys. She was so loved by her keepers, she even got the nick name Anna Banana. The feeling was mutual - a few times I saw her push her fur into the fence in hopes of a back scratch. My sympathies to all who have loved this special girl, an amazing snow leopard that will always be remembered. ❤️
Anna the Snow LeopardAnna, Queen of the Snow LeopardsLovely LeopardEverett and AnnaLovely Couple, Anna and BeauKisses for Her BeauElegant AnnaAnna in All Her Fluffy Loveliness

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