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Created 7-Dec-18
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I get such a kick out of seeing that familiar kitty sweetness in the faces of Dorothy and Maryanne. They look as cuddly and cute as the family cat that purrs on our lap. But I’ve seen moments when their natural leopard wildness comes through. Just a few days ago, Dorothy had finished her meaty rib and approached her mom, Satka, to see if she would share. When Satka kept eating, Dorothy put on her most threatening face with a wide mouthed quiet growl. Satka gave the same right back to her. It was like a face off, seeing who could look the scariest. This went on for a few minutes, until Dorothy gave up. All a part of learning how to behave in the wild I suppose, but also learning that mom rules! I can’t help but think Satka must have been laughing on the inside. It’s a unique and wonderful experience to witness the beauty and varied behaviors of these amazing creatures! So much like kitties, but still leopards through and through!
Sweet and InnocentLeopard on a Ledge

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