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Created 28-Apr-12
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There are a few new faces at the San Diego Zoo!
Beau, the male SNOW LEOPARD, is Anna's new … beau, and the two are getting along quite well. Flynn is the male RED PANDA that has joined Lily, and they also make a mighty cute pair. The two MANED WOLF girls, Jamie and Jasmine, seem to be getting comfortable in their new exhibit. And the TAKINS have two new babies in their group: Mei Long (meaning Beautiful Dragon) is the female that was born on January 30th, and Bing Long (Ice Dragon), the male, was born shortly after.
BeauFlynnFlynnJamie & JasmineManed WolfBing Long & Mei LongMei LongBeauManed WolfFlynnBing Long & Mei LongBing Long & Mei LongManed WolfFlynnManed WolfBeauTakinsMei LongTakinsManed Wolf

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