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Created 30-Dec-15
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There’s nothing like watching an energetic little 3 month old tiger cub playing to put a big smile on your face! Suka seems to be enjoying his adventures in the great outdoors. He has lots to play with, including leaves and branches, and a variety of enrichment toys, but it’s clear he likes playing with his keepers best of all! He did well exploring on his own, but when his keepers arrived, he just about burst with joy! It’s going to be a absolute blast watching this little guy grow up!
Little Tiger in the JungleKeeper Time is My Favorite Time!Who Wants to Play?Oh, the Joy!Super Cub!InnocenceTiger Tug-O-WarBounding to His Next AdventureI Love My Hippo!The World is My PlaygroundI Gotcha and I'm Not Letting Go!Cub on a Mission

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