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Created 10-Feb-17
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The first time I saw a jaguar, I felt a deep sense of awe. Such amazing and gorgeous creatures they are! And then there’s Valerio. He’s got all the stuff that makes jaguars, well, jaguars, but he’s also got the most expressive face I’ve ever seen on a big cat! The boy has personality, plus! And his eyes have an animated quality, wide and bright. If the eyes are windows to the soul, I've gotten a glimpse at a very joyful soul. He’s good at sharing that joy, with more social skills than most jags - he has a way of connecting with visitors, and especially his keepers, that's quite endearing. He still calls out to his mom now and then, too, and seems ever hopeful that she might change her mind, and come back out and play with him. Valerio seems to wear his heart on his sleeve, expressing himself freely for all to see. It’s a quality I admire, and it looks adorable on him!
Sweet and InnocentHappySneakyFocusedDeterminedThoughtfulPurposefulBig Jag with a Little Cub FaceExcitedCarefreeVocalSo Very Silly

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