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Created 30-Aug-19
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Another shot of my sweet Abigail from the earlier photoshoot. Her strong food motivation and her ability to be patient are both helpful during her recovery, while she needs to stay quiet and calm to heal. This “leave it” trick Is one of the games I can still play with her during what would usually be her daily trick and training time, though for a while she’s limited to a down position to keep that knee at rest. Her normal next step would be to flip it in the air and catch it, but for now she’s happy to wait for me to give it to her. During our one on one time she also gets a break from wearing her cone, which we hope she’ll be able to take off for good in about a week! Abigail loves even the simple tricks she can do while laying on the floor. She’s one smart cookie! Abigail the Golden Retriever
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