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Created 11-Feb-16
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Seeing a tiger is always a thrill, and seeing two together is all that heart stirring excitement…times two! The Sumatran tiger brothers, Thomas and Conrad have lived together at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park since they were born on March 5th, 2012. They’re almost 4 years old now, and it’s clear they still have a strong bond. Seeing two tigers together is a pretty amazing sight, since tigers tend to live solitary lives, and I’ve been fortunate to see them play together, relax happily side by side, and even show affection to one another. Sumatran tigers are one the smallest of the tiger subspecies. Males weigh about 220 to 310 pounds. Still pretty impressive, especially when seen close up! The Sumatran tiger has a darker coat, a higher frequency of stripes, and a more prominent ruff than other subspecies of tigers. They are listed as Critically Endangered - it’s estimated that less than 400 Sumatran tigers are left in the wild. It’s certainly impressive to be in their presence, taking in their beauty! And when there’s that moment of connection, when their eyes actually meet mine…I feel the tiger power deep in my soul!
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