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Created 21-Aug-15
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I had a nice visit with one of the Ornate Hawk Eagles yesterday at the San Diego Zoo. He posed well, showing me all his best sides! Such a gorgeous bird, with striking plumage, they are found in tropical forests of southern Mexico and Central America to South America. He must have felt right at home with the humid weather we’ve been having. Even though they are no bigger than a large Hawk, they are powerful, and can take prey up to five times their own weight. He didn’t do much talking while hamming it up for the camera, but when I passed by later I heard the call - a high-pitched whee-oo whee-oo…I imagined he was saying, “I’ll be watching for you with my golden eyes”!
Eagle EyesOne of My Best SidesSee My Striking Plummage?Wearing the Crest Like a CrownConcentrated Gaze

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