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Created 13-Aug-15
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One of Abigail’s favorite things is a good romp with one of her buddies, and she has thoroughly enjoyed the playdates with her new friend Maggie! Maggie is about 6 months old and as cute as can be. Abigail is 2 ½ now, but still full of bouncy puppy energy. The two of them seem to speak the same language when it comes to playing, and that language is FUN!
Let's Play!Here Comes Maggie!My Sweet AbigailPalsRun, Maggie, Run!Puppy PileThe TwistSmiling MaggiePlay BowMaggieReady For It?Comin' At Ya!What a Cute Puppy!A Special FriendshipOh, So Ferocious!The ChaseBelly LaughZoom!Smiley GirlsWe're Having FUN!

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