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Created 13-Feb-21
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I can't believe how big this boy has gotten in the two months since I'd seen him! He and his brother, Tuman, are not only as big as their mom, Satka, but outweigh her! I was so happy to see the excitement in his big furry face as he continued the hunt for a yummy beef rib. He had attempted to capture it from many different angles, and it had escaped his grasp multiple times. I saw the wheels turning and his determination as he climbed up a different side of the tree, and gave me a look. He had a plan! He somehow found a way to balance all his weight between some small branches and one that was a bit more solid, reaching underneath to pull the rib up and lock it between his teeth. He pulled hard and steady and finally got it free! Proud of his victory, he climbed down to a comfortable spot to relish every bite. Lev, one of the two male Amur Leopard cubs born to Satka 4-26-20
Lev - A Sideways Glance

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