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Created 23-Nov-17
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The elephants at the Zoo were treated to quite an elegant spread today! The keepers went all out to make their Thanksgiving extra special. Devi and Tembo had a table set for the them by the pool, and Mary and Shaba enjoyed their goodies in another exhibit. I watched the keepers hard at work as they prepared the beautiful feast of browse and every imaginable treat that an elephant could hope for. Devi and Tembo showed their appreciation by making it all disappear, one delicious mouthful at a time! I had no idea an elephant could eat a pumpkin or a watermelon in one efficient bite! Their talents were impressive and their joy was unmistakable!
The Elephant Keepers Put Together a Fine TableIt's All in the DetailsA Veritable Cornicopia of Delicious GoodiesHere Comes DeviHere Comes TemboDig in Girls!Tembo Appreciates the Presentation Before DevouringDevi Knows How to Clear a Table!Don't Forget the Apples and PearsPumpkins for EveryoneEating Popcorn from a PumpkinA Last Glance at the Thankful ElephantsA Job Well Done!Tembo Savors Every Morsel of BrowseGood to the Last Bite

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