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Created 21-Jun-19
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The lion has been widely depicted in many cultures as a symbol of strength and nobility. Izu is all that and more. I see so much depth when I look into that face. I feel a sense of calm while at the same time being in awe of his beauty and majesty. I can see why a lion was chosen as the Aslan character in the C.S. Lewis books. It was suggested by a submission from Nigeria that the name Izu means "Knowledge, wisdom & counsel" and is of Nigerian origin. That fits him. I’ll never forget what a wise and gentle father he was while raising seven rowdy cubs with the help of their moms, Mina and Oshana. He was so patient when the little ones would climb onto his fluffy mane, and when he’d had enough it only took one low, quiet roar to get the message across. You’ve taught us well, strong and noble Izu!

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