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Created 20-Nov-17
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We really enjoyed the behind the scenes tiger tour at Safari Park! A big thank you to Kim and Wendy for inviting us along! And thanks to our wonderful tour guide, Peggy, for making it fun and informative! We got to meet a few animals up close, thanks to Missy, the trainer. From there we drove to a great view of the scenic African Plains and Asian Savanna and the animals there, including a nice visit with some rhinos. We even got to feed an okapi and see how they curl their long tongue around the food to bring it to their mouth. The experience in the tiger bedrooms was amazing, where we got to see Suka and Majel. Thanks to Ian and Lori Ann for talking to us about the tigers! We topped it all off with a super fun visit to Tiger Trail to watch the two tiger cub boys play! A great day we’ll alway remember!
Victoria Crowned PigeonIndigo MacawSuka in His BedroomMajel in Her BedroomSouthern White RhinosDeer in VelvetGreater One-horned RhinosNick Makes an Okapi FriendMay I Offer You a Treat?Relaxed "DC""TJ" on the Go"DC" Enjoys a Well Loved BoxThe Innocence of "TJ"The Boys are All SmilesI'm Getting Taller!"TJ" on Tip ToesSweet "TJ""DC" and Some Tasty Grass"TJ" Puts His Best Paw Forward

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