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Created 31-Jan-16
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How time flies when your watching a cub grow up! It doesn’t seem that long ago that Valerio was just a tiny little baby, and now he and his mom, Nindiri, are about equal in size and quite a pair! It’s clear that he’s her pride and joy. When I watch them interact, it still amazes me that this loving, playful, attentive mother is the same jaguar that’s known for her fierce and serious personality. Valerio brings out the very best in Nindiri, and he couldn’t ask for a better mom! The two of them have a special relationship, and they seem to be making the most of their time together. Valerio is now spending a little time on his own on a regular basis, just to start preparing him for his independence when the time comes. You’re doing a bang up job raising this boy, Nindiri, and we’ll always remember this precious time!
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