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Created 12-May-15
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A day at the Zoo is a good day. Just being near the animals is like therapy. It’s relaxing to appreciate the wonder and beauty of God’s creatures, and it’s exciting to watch their behaviors, get a glimpse of their personalities, and see the fun they have! A walk around the Zoo is like an animal art gallery, seeing each unique creature and the features that make them different from any other. It’s inspiring to see the visual variations, and fun to learn how each animal’s characteristics are so well suited for how they live. So, when I need a little break, that’s where I’ll be…here and there around the Zoo!
Young BeautyA Great Rhino, Yet He Remains HumbleTiger, Mighty TigerA Smile to Brighten Your Day!Lovely LionessLooking Good in Classic Black and White StripesThe Lion Wears His Mane Like a Crown...He is King

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