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Created 10-Aug-17
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I love orchids and was excited to see new growth on my plants and even buds opening into flowers during this last year! I’d been wanting to photograph them while the flowers were in bloom, and finally took some time out to play. I had so much fun that I decided to add some other flowers into the mix! So here’s the first of what will likely be an ongoing project. They may not make me laugh as much as a photoshoot with Abigail, but flowers are a little better at keeping still than a golden retriever. When she saw me setting up, she thought it must be for her, and seemed a little disappointed when she wasn’t the subject. But she soon settled into her role as inspirational assistant, sprawled out all over the floor nearby to make sure it was still a warm, furry experience, though a bit more challenging!
Arching OrchidsThe Stargazer WithinCalla Lily CurvesLayers & CurlsGold on a StemOrchid AnglesSpray of WhiteYellow FireworksPretty Pink StargazerGold Like the SunA Couple of Calla Lilies

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