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Created 6-Oct-15
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When Valerio, the jaguar cub, found a bright orange pumpkin, a little magic (and a lot of fun) happened…he made it COME TO LIFE!
No EscapeIt FloatsMy Pumpkin!FascinatedIt Rolls!Goin' After ItPumpkin,You're Going in the TubIn His GraspRolling in the DirtBobbing for PumpkinsPumpkin Parade for MomNindiri Got the PumpkinHey Mom, That's My Pumpkin!Got a Hold on You, Pumpkin!A Soccer Game...and Mom came to watch!Roll Like a Pumpkin Part 1Roll Like a Pumpkin Part 2Pumpkin Upsidedown GameFrisky KittyPrecious and Playful

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