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Created 16-Apr-16
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What a beautiful sight it was to see a snow the snow! All three snow leopards at the San Deigo Zoo, Penny, Anna, and Ramil, got to experience the cold, wet stuff, as well as Koshka, the Amur Leopard. But Penny, the youngest cat, was the one that was head over heels with happiness! She was trying out all her best gymnastic moves - jumping straight up into the air with an added twist before landing, summersaults down the hill, and leaping from place to place! Talk about enthusiasm! Then she discovered her gourd was even more fun to play with in the snow, so the games continued! All of us watching were laughing so much, I’m surprised we got any photos at all! A big thank you to the donors and keepers who made this possible! It was a spectacular treat for the cats and visitors alike. If ever an animal showed her appreciation for enrichment, Penny certainly did! She had an all out party in the snow!
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