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Created 18-Jul-16
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Thanks to Laura at Safari Park who introduced me to these two little ones: Theodore (Teddy) the tenrec, and Juniper the hedgehog! Although they both have quills, tenrecs and hedgehogs are not related to each other, being in different family classifications among mammals, nor are they related to porcupines. The quills of each of those animals are hollow hairs made stiff with keratin. Tenrecs are quite a bit smaller than hedgehogs and found in Madagascar and parts of the African mainland. Hedgehogs live in parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa, and New Zealand by introduction. I have read that tenrecs and hedgehogs inhabit entirely different geographical areas. They both have the ability to roll into a spiky ball (protecting their tender bellies, feet and face), as a defense mechanism or while they sleep. And, though their sharp quills make them a little less than cuddly, they both sure are adorable to look at!
Tiny Teddy the TenrecLaura Holds Teddy in the Palm of Her HandJuniper, the Hedgehog, Rolled Up in a Protective BallJuniper Peaks OutThere She Is, the Happy Hedgehog!Just Barely a Handful of HedgehogSuch a Cute Little Face!

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