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Created 6-Mar-15
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It’s fascinating to me as well as heartwarming to see how well the dog and cheetah pairings have worked at the San Diego Zoo. The dogs are introduced to the cheetahs while both are young and they become best friends and companions for life. The cheetahs look to their dogs for signals, allowing them to stay calm and comfortable in situations that otherwise would be stressful. As animal ambassadors, these pairs give many people the chance to see and learn about them close-up, in ways that make a lasting impact.
These photos are of Duke, the male Anatolian Shepherd (about 140 pounds of dog), and his pal, Taraji, the female cheetah; and Miley, the female husky mix, and her pal, Bakka, the only male cheetah at the Zoo.
Having a friend by your side is a wonderful thing, and sometimes it’s the differences that make a relationship special!
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