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Created 31-Mar-13
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There's something magical about snow, especially here in San Diego!
Xiao Liwu and his mom, Bai Yun, enjoyed the magic when their exhibit was transformed by the cold, wet, blanket of white. Their black and white panda coats looked especially beautiful in the new scenery, and they were extra playful while they enjoyed the unusual sensory experience. A fun snow day for the pandas, and a delight for all to see!
Black and White, on WhiteFrolicking in the snowGot your backClimbing up on momHere comes Bai YunMommy LoveSeeing eye to eyeOn the moveUneven Un-parellel BarsHangin' on and hangin' outFramedConcentrationWheee!Beautiful Bai YunI see you, Mom!Trees are meant for climbing!Mind Meld

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