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Created 11-Oct-14
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I recently witnessed a beautiful sight, two of my favorite big cats together for breeding! Guapo and Nindiri are rarely seen together, since they would live solitary lives in the wild. Jaguar’s territories may overlap, but the adults generally meet only to court and mate, and then separate after mating, with the male having no role in parenting. A mother jaguar would not tolerate the presence of a male as it would pose a risk to the lives of the cubs.
Watching these two, I was impressed with how calm and confident they both were. Nindiri seemed very comfortable with Guapo, and he was the perfect gentleman! It’s hard to believe they’ve been apart for over two years.
There are now high hopes for cubs in the near future, and I can hardly contain my excitement! The gestation period is about 93-106 days, so time will tell. The new year may be filled with the joy of jaguar babies, and Nindiri experiencing motherhood once again! I sure hope so!
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