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Created 19-Nov-12
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What is it about animals that reaches into our souls and gives us a special appreciation for life?
There is such diversity in the animal world - so many sizes, colors, patterns, and everything from fur to feathers. And even in the same species, the individuals are so unique. Whether it be the simple joys of their sponteneity and playfulness, or the complications of survival, animals are inspiring and fascinating.
I thank God for the wonderful gift of these precious creatures, the animals.
KoshkaBateleur EagleManed WolfBontebokLynxWood DuckPolar pair at the poolAir BearConnorTiger in the mistChristopherGerenukKisses for baby brotherTastyYou lookin' at me?…and this is a good hair dayKodaSammyLove you mommy!Etosha

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