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Created 17-Sep-13
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I was happy to catch Tiga, the young female Malayan Tiger, playing in the water during a recent visit to the San Diego Zoo. She was having great fun batting and splashing around a big piece of bark that had fallen in the water. It amazes me how a big cat, majestic and wild, can act so much like a frisky kitten! I knew Tiga was a fun loving cat from the first time I caught her chasing her tail. Each time I see her, I'm even more captivated. She's a gorgeous girl with lots of personality!
Look into my eyesBackward GlanceIntenseTiger at the TopTigaOne paw at a timeA Casual StrollStillnessPlayful TigaCaught in the actHer bite is worse than the barkNot getting awaySweet Tiger FaceBeautiful TigaLiquid Gaze

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